Beta Testing

4th of July, 1pm.  The smoker’s been running empty for about an hour and the ribs just went on.  The remote temperature monitor app has also been running.  I think the difference between my Maverick is due to some of the thermocouple being outside of the smoker, so I just need to compensate for the 10-15° difference.

2 thoughts on “Beta Testing

  1. Hello – I want to do the same thing you did – any chance you would share your arduino sketch and Android app code?


    John Bots

  2. So is your plan to be able to get the temperature updates wirelessly with your cell phone’s data connection from anywhere (theoretically)? Me and a buddy were just discussing this…set the smoker, take the kids to the park down the street and still monitor the smoker temp on our phones. Nice work so far!

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